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Accounting Solutions Australia together with our Strategic Partners ( GM Wealth Management Group ) offers clients an extensive range of financial services which are personalised to ensure that clients meet their financial requirements and objectives. We are able to provide all of the vital components essential for wealth creation and wealth protection.

We will assess your individual financial situation and l develop a strategy that will best meet your goal. Managing costs and minimizing taxes and understanding the level of financial risks are key essentials. Off course ensuring investments are best suited to your requirement and age factor is crucial especially when close to retirement.

We can together with our Strategic Partners can advise on all types of investments including listed securities and alternative investments eg. Direct Shares, Managed Funds, Agribusiness, Unlisted & Listed Property Trusts, Hedge Funds, Mortgage Trusts and Tax Effective Investments.

Self Managed Superfund
Accounting Solutions Australia will advise you and ensure the following before you setup the Fund:
You have enough assets, time and skills
Make sure you can meet your record keeping and reporting obligations
You understand the risks and laws
Make sure you understand the auditing obligations
Make sure your trust deed and investment strategy are tailored to suit the members
You understand the Trustees responsibilities

Superannuation is a tax-effective and flexible way to build wealth for retirement. If you already have reasonable retirement savings, a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) may be the best way for you to continue building your wealth.

Self managed super funds perform the same role as other funds, by investing contributions and making them available to members on retirement. The difference is, generally, that the members of self managed super funds are also the trustees – they control the investment of their contributions and the payment of their benefits. With all members being trustees, they are in a position to ensure their interests as members are protected.

Accounting Solutions Australia will provide advise and work with you through our Strategic Partners to manage your investments and will organise the year end financials, audit and lodgment of Tax Returns of the fund.

Family Trusts

Trusts can be a useful way of protecting your assets and can better facilitate the movement of wealth between generations. For some investors, family trusts can minimise the income tax they pay and can be an essential part of a client’s financial structure.

Accounting Solutions Australia can advise you on whether you should establish a family trust. We will ensure the trust structure is managed and administered to maximise benefits and meet regulatory requirements.